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EHA Changes

Dear EHA Residents,

The purpose of this letter is to update you to agency changes. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send a message, please allow 24 hours for a response. 


1. New Fence: as you all may have noticed, we are installing new fences and replacing the old ones. This new fencing is expensive, so we expect that you will take care of them and monitor your children while they are outside.  In the past individuals have destroyed our fences.  Going forward, if you, your guest or any member of your household damage EHA property, the complete charge for repair will be added to your account. Refusal to pay may result in eviction.

2. Cameras: surveillance cameras have been installed.  We will utilize these cameras in any way deemed necessary to maintain a peaceful environment. Here are a few reminders.

  • There is a 10pm curfew, groups of individuals hanging outside after 10pm will be considered a lease violation.
  • Moving people into your unit, but not adding them to the lease is considered a lease violation.
  • Leaving dogs outside alone is a lease violation. Having dog's you haven't reported to the office is also a lease violation.

3. Tree Cutting: trees that are a hazard to the property will be removed. All others will be trimmed for curb appeal.

4. Website: This is very important! You must visit our website: to do the following:

  • Create your login for the TENANT PORTAL. Here you will be able to stay up to date on payments and charges to your account, and place work orders. There will be no work orders done by verbal request unless it is an emergency!!! This will help us track and prioritize work orders.
  • Setup autopay, in the tenant portal
  • SUBSCRIBE TO NEWS. We have always spread information by killing trees. Some of you still say you don't receive the letters placed in your boxes. Click on our SUBSCRIBE NOW button to register for all EHA news updates and information via text, email or both!
  • Share good news with us and we will blast it out to everyone subscribed to our newsletter!
  • WE HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE!! Follow us.

5. Resident Advisory Board: EHA is in the process of organizing a board of residents who will be your liaison to the agency.  These individuals will have a say in the spending of money awarded to resident services.  This requires a commitment to meet monthly and fulfill your role if you are appointed to one of the key board positions. 

6. This maybe the most important change. The offices will be closed, you will only be allowed in if you have an appointment. EHA has a small staff, who works very closely to provide the services you need.  It only takes one person to spread this disease in our office and it can shut us down for a long time. It is not that we don't enjoy interacting with you. We must simply, adhere to safety precautions for the benefit of all.

There will be more improvements/changes coming. In the meantime, I still need your help in maintaining a peaceful, safe, decent & sanitary community.

Thank you for your time!

Daysha Alston-Gordon
Executive Director